Yaoyao Huang is a designer based in China.
Currently, she is a full-time faculty member of
the Michael Graves College of Architecture and Desgn
at Wenzhou-Kean University.


2012 Universität der Kunst Berlin, Visuelle Kommunikation
2009 China Academy of Art, Graphic Design


Two Silver Awards of Type in Use on Graphis
Silver Award of Typeface Design on Graphis
Silver Award of Poster Annual 2019 on Graphis
Award of the Asia Network Beyond Design Competition
Posters are exhibited in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan


Wenzhou-Kean University
88 Daxue Rd, Ouhai District, Wenzhou, China
T +86 5587 0029
F +86 5587 0101
E hyao@kean.edu